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At the moment, back links are the most significant factor when search engines decide where to rank your website. This may change in the near future but back links will always be an important component of ranking. This is why it is so important to continue to build links that lead back towards your website. I’ll be discussing several effective ways to do this: Blogging and Press Releases, Blogging, and Article Marketing to name a few. But I won’t tell you how you can use these techniques.

Before we begin, we want you to know that I’m not concerned about whether or not a link has been marked “nofollow.” The results of research by several independent SEO firms showed that PageRank is not transferred via “nofollow”, but overall rankings are affected positively by “nofollow”. This topic will be discussed in depth in a subsequent blog. In the meantime, I want it to be clear that I won’t be discussing link building strategies that include links building from outbound links that are “nofollow”. I believe that this is a non-issue.

Google built their entire algorithm based on the belief that backlinks were the most important ranking element. Google didn’t intend for the “nofollow” tags to be used as widely today.

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And they wouldn’t allow millions upon millions of webmasters, who have ruined all their work by marking every outbound hyperlink on their site as “nofollow,” I believe. Google may claim that “nofollow” link have no effect on rankings. However, I do not believe them based upon the evidence I have seen and just plain common sense. Google claims that “nofollow” link have no effect upon rankings, which is to keep spammers from being their target. However, Google does allow “nofollow” linking to have some positive effect on rankings.

Blogging is the most efficient and effective way to build back links. Blogging is not only a great way to gain back links but also enables you to create content on your website. Google loves websites that provide quality content.

It is important to blog on topics that directly relate to your business, field of expertise, and that provide valuable information for your readers. After you have selected your blogging niche, create an RSS feed. Submit your blog URL to as many blog directories you can find. Clients who blog regularly have hundreds of backlinks every month. I recommend blogging at least once a month. However, it is better to blog once a week.

Businesses can use press releases to get back links to the sites they have created. You can submit your press releases to many free sites, or you can use PRWeb to receive hundreds of backlinks from major news outlets with just one press conference. A regular practice of submitting press releases to your link building strategy could result in thousands upon thousands of quality backlinks over the course of a year.

Press releases can cover any topic you choose related to your company. Press releases can be about any topic you want, such as an expansion or the purchase of expensive equipment. They also serve as a way for you to share information about your business and gain valuable backlinks that will improve your search engine rankings.

Although Article marketing has been declared dead many times as an SEO and link-building technique, it is still alive. Google’s new algorithm update on April 25th has rumored its demise. I, for one, will not believe article marketing is dead unless I actually see it. Ezine Articles took a hit when Google’s Panda was introduced, but it wasn’t fatal. Ezine is now taking steps to ensure their articles are of higher quality.

I conducted my own search engine optimization test in the past two month and discovered that article-marketing is still very relevant. I started a new site, wrote article after article, and published them on Ezine. Articlebase. Articlecity. The articles were the only way I found back links. The results are amazing. Five of the six keywords that I am optimizing currently are appearing on the first page in Google, Bing and Yahoo! Although I cannot prove this, the strong anecdotal evidence shows that articles and links are what have gotten my site to the top of the search engines. While I am aware that things may change, I will be keeping an eye on them and reporting to you if they do. For now, however, article marketing remains alive and well as a great method to obtain back links to the website.

A unique and informative article is key to successful article marketing. Do not just post one article on 10 different sites. Instead, create 10 different articles and place them on each site. Also, make sure to mix up your anchor text.

If done properly, article marketing can yield a lot in terms of quality back links as well as increased rankings.

While this is not the most innovative approach to link building, it can help you gain back links for your site by using business directories or review sites. These back links are not the most valuable but some directories get decent traffic. Listing in them can help you drive traffic. Google will consider the number and quality of visitors to your site when determining where they rank you. Google calculates that if you have a lot people visiting your website and spending time there, your site must be valuable or informative.

List your site in directories that are specific to your industry. I used to recommend that you submit a site to DMOZ in the past, but it’s now that I won’t waste your time. DMOZ no longer has the same juice as it did, and there are rumors that corruption and “pay to list” schemes are being used within the organization. I submitted numerous websites over the years. Only a handful were ever accepted, even though they had all my guidelines. After you have submitted your site for industry-specific listings submit it to any local business directories. You can then submit to your site in a few business directories every week. Over the course, you will notice that you have a lot of backlinks. These back links are not necessarily the best, but they do have the potential to drive traffic to you site.

There are several review sites I recommend creating a listing for. Angie’s List is where I list both my sites and those of my clients. Negative reviews don’t scare you. The best thing to do if you get a negative feedback is to find out if the review is legit. If the review was legitimate, your best option would be to respond to the comment on the review website and attempt to minimize the damage. If the comment is not genuine, contact the administrator of the site and ask them for permission to remove it. If they refuse to remove the complaint, you will need to prove it is legitimate. These sites may also link to your website.

Another benefit of listing your site on sites such as Manta or Yelp is the increase in your Google Places listings. Google Places rank using a different algorithm that organic listings. According to independent research the most important factor in determining whether or not your local listing will show up in the search results is the number of reviews or mentions about your business.

Link bait refers to content on your website that people link to. You have many options when it comes to the type of link bait you can use on your website. Here are some examples.

This is a simple one. This is a no-brainer. People will link to well-written, informative and compelling content.

A great way to encourage people to link your site is to create interactive widgets. I worked with a client to develop a BMI/calorie counter widget. This widget has led to many inbound link since its creation.

Many people and companies have a YouTube channel. YouTube is great. However, why would you encourage people to subscribe to your YouTube channel if they could watch your videos directly on your website? People will be more likely to embed your videos on their website and gain back links.

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